Welcome. You have arrived here because you are interested in our stocks and share logging and forecasting tool, $TOCKS BUDDY.

We have developed this utility to help our clients manage their stocks and shares portfolios. $TOCKS BUDDY provides a way to easily log your daily portfolio balance and automatically produce analytics on your investments day by day. With your $STOCK BUDDY dashboard you will be able to...

  • Record your day by day portfolio balance

  • See your gains or losses for each day, week, month, year

  • See your percentage gains by day, month, year 

  • Count 'trading days' for a more accurate analysis and projection

  • See your growth and forecast in charts

  • You choose your projection period and gauge your likely gains

  • Takes into account additional investments manually added


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The Excel based tool is designed to allow you to log your portfolio balance on a daily basis and view analytics around your stocks performance.

The tool also produces a forecast of your likely gains based on current investment.

Future releases will add features such as calculating compound gains.

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Note: Latest version released February 15th 2021 - ver 21.0213

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