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Help and Guidance

Thanks for downloading our logging and forecasting tool. Here are some notes to help you get the best from the product.


Instructions for first use. $TOCKS BUDDY will help you understand your trading success by evaluating your daily trade and forecast forward to give you projections over any period.


1. Fill in your 'Opening Investment' on the Dashboard. We have set it to 1


2. Set your start date (must start on a Monday). Notice the blue column contains your 'trading day' count. Forecasts are based on trading days, e.g. gains per day = gains per trading day. Saturdays and Sundays are set to Friday's trading day count so that Monday becomes the next trading day increment. Due to the international nature of this tool, the only public holidays programmed in are Christmas and New Year. Therefore if you wish to add other public holidays you will need to change the public holiday trading day value to the same value as the previous day.


3. Today's date is highlighted in pink to draw your attention to the current day.


4. Additional invested sums. $TOCKS BUDDY allows you to record additional portfolio investments and dis-investments. Type the amount of your investment (or withdrawal - minus value) in the invest column. The tool will not add the investment as a portfolio 'gain' as this is just an additional invested sum.

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