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These are the files from the filming of the ePro Clinical Document Management System presentation on Thursday 6th December. Total film time is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Note, these videos are 'as filmed' and have had no editing.

1. Introductions and company background. Overview of the product. Adding Users/Locums. Product indexing to aid searching. Importing historic documents. [16 minutes] 

2. Login and user functionality plus eDNFs. Launching other applications in context, i.e. ICE. The presentation shows a 'clinic list' based on a download from PAS so that in clinic you can see a list of your patients and their documents. This clip mostly concentrates on presentation of documents and creating e-discharges and DM&D/Structured document compliance. [16 Minutes]

3. Still on eDNFs, recording allergies, drug pre-packs, TTO's, (Stopped, Started, Changed), Follow Up, Discharge Tracking, Pharmacy Action List. [16 minutes]

4. Continuation... [0.5 minutes]

[not available]

5. The previous clips covered e-DNFs, this section covers general letters, who is using the solution, structured messaging, Speech recognition/Digital Dictation, Google Speech [16 minutes]

6. Capturing same day scanned notes from clinical areas, speciality groups and workflow, auto text correction, auditing changes, creating clinic forms, clinic outcomes, Internal referrals. [16 minutes]

7. Transcribing/workflow, measuring document turnaround times from events, doctor handover lists, MDT Lists, Alerts and warnings, procurement frameworks, scanned document viewer. [8 minutes]

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